A little motivation

Hey Guys!

This week’s motivation will focus on your will power. It’s important to have some type of motivation and drive within yourself in whatever you do. No matter what or who you may encounter, you cannot allow them to have power over your life and the decisions you make. I have encountered several “academic advisors” who told me on numerous occasions that I should change my major due to the fact that I wouldn’t graduate in the expected time frame as everyone else in my class. They told me that ” maybe nursing wasn’t the career for me, and I could choose another major that could still have me work in a hospital environment.”  Now, when I was first told this, I became a little discouraged, and actually thought about changing my major. Then, I thought to myself why would I ever settle for something that I don’t want to do because of someone else’s opinion.  Yes, I will be graduating later than the expected year I am supposed to graduate, but timing is the last thing I am worried about. I know that I possess the potential to be an AMAZING nurse, and I know that I can overcome anything that I put my mind too. I was never taught to give up on anything that I wanted, and I wasn’t going to start now. With that being said, I took the necessary steps needed to continue with my original plan on becoming a nurse. I want you guys to know that only you can control what happens to you in your life. Don’t ever let anyone tell you what you can and cannot do! As long as you believe in yourself, and do everything to your full potential than keep doing you! Never loose focus on what you have planned for your life. It may not be what other people want from you, or even expect from you, but as long as what you are doing makes YOU happy that’s all that matters. Don’t ever let anyone place limitations on your capabilities. If you feel like you worked hard and didn’t receive the results you expected, work harder until you see the results you believe you are capable of getting. Stand strong and firm on whatever you believe in, and be confident in the choices you make. Be patient, and always remember that nothing in life is given to you for free; if it is it has no value. I believe in working hard for what you want. So guess what, even if I had to retake every course over again from that day I visited my advisor I would because I know what I want in life, and I know that I deserve the best out of life. I will continue to work  hard until I reach my goal and I don’t even plan on stopping there.